Pentágono is a firm aimed at bolstering design to new levels on contemporary and global platforms. From idea to implementation, our consulting service specializes on creative solutions in a broad scope of practices such as graphic, industrial and interior design; object d´art and audiovisual production.
To become Mexico´s premier and most professional art & design management organization to bring quality, beautiful and innovative solutions to all those who interact with our work.
To optimize the human potential by transmitting creativity into the corporate business, while transferring management tools into the art world.
TEAMWORK. Supporting each other and promoting the inclusiveness of diverse, international & multidisciplinary teams.
PASSION. About succeeding, about the brand, and about always delivering superior results while having serious fun.
POSITIVE CHANGE. Capitalizing on change by empowering our own people to take risks, fail and embrace conflict with professionalism.
SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE. Openness for sharing opinions and views to create a community and enhance networking relationships.
INTEGRITY. Acting with honesty and respect without compromising the truth.
CURIOSITY. Questioning all assumptions to find the beauty in details and never stop learning.
TIMING. Respect for your own time and the time of others.